Nutri Essentials Omega 3 Fish Oil 1200 Mg 100 Softgels



Nutri Essentials Omega 3 Fish Oil

Nutri Essentials Fish oil is purest and one of the best quality fish oil available on the market. It has the highest content of omega-3 fatty acids which is considered to provide concentrated health benefits.
*CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Studies suggest that Omega 3s support cardiovascular health by helping to lower levels of LDL while increasing the level of HDL. It may also help to reduce excess triglycerides.
* BRAIN HEALTH: Fish oil may also be beneficial to mental and emotional health and mood stabilization. It may help lower restlessness, stress, mental fatigue, and anxiety.
*VISUAL FUNCTION: Fish oil may help to improve eye health.
* RESPIRATORY HEALTH Fish oil helps to improve lung function improving overall respiratory health
* SUPPORTS HEALTHY MUSCLES & STAMINA Fish oil increases muscle strength and physical performance by increasing muscle protein synthesis. It also effective in lowering exercise-induced inflammation.
* WOMEN'S HEALTH: Fish oil may serve beneficial for women’s health. Some studies have found it to be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, including cramps and headaches.
Fish oil has a number of other benefits for all-around good health